Guidance and Counseling Services


College students are individuals who are in the process of developing towards maturity and independence in their personal, social, and academic lives. To go through this process there will be several problems faced by students starting from the first time they enter college until completing their studies in college. Common problems experienced by students include:

(1) the problem of adjusting the way of learning from a way of learning that is more guided by the teacher to an independent way of learning,

(2) the problem of adjustment from the way of living with parents to living independently,

(3) social problems with new friends who come from increasingly varied cultural backgrounds,

(4) the problem of how college students can develop their potential to be more optimal

Anticipating the occurrence of problems experienced by college students as described previously, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, State University of Surabaya provides guidance and counseling (BK) services to help college students prevent and overcome their various problems. To carry out the guidance and counseling service (BK) a representative BK lecturer from the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Science was appointed as well as two BK lecturers representing FMIPA to become BK lecturers at the university level. So that counseling services for college students can be integrated and tiered starting from the department, faculty to the university level.


  1. Helping college students understand themselves including their potential and weaknesses, helping college students adapt to their environment
  2. Helping college students recognize and develop useful personal skills in life in the environment;
  3. Helping college students to adapt to the learning environment in universities;
  4. Helping college students find effective ways of learning in college;
  5. Helping college students overcome personal and social problems encountered while studying in college


  1. College students are able to complete their studies on time for 8 semesters, have superior achievements so that they can give pride to their families, study programs/departments, faculties, and universities;
  2. College students get enlightenment and solutions to their problems


  1. Guidance and counseling services for college students in FMIPA UNESA, both groups and individuals
  2. Home visit for college students with severe cases that require special treatment
  3. Bimbasi Training (student peer mentor)
  4. Improvement/optimization of college student potential
  5. Self-development training for college students
  6. Improving the competence of counseling guidance services for BK lecturers
  7. Online counseling training for BK lecturers 


  1. Open dialogue between college students and department leaders
  2. PKKMB Event (Introduction to Campus Life for New College Students)
  3. Events of the Department of College Student Association (HMJ)
  4. BK Standing Banner in each department and faculty


Bagan Structure Organitation of FMNS Unesa


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